A fanlisting is just that. A listing of the fans of a particular subject. They were the creation of Buffy fan Janine Mischor. Check out The Fanlistings for more information.

The Characters
This fanlisting is dedicated to the characters of Mina Harker and Tom Sawyer from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Right from the beginning when Tom says his first words in regards to Mina, I knew I was going to like these two together.

"Boy. They told me European women had funny ways... You missed a spot." - Tom
"And you are?" - Mina

The Site
This site was conceived of on September 11, 2004, was approved September 16, 2004 and went live on September 17, 2004. The title comes from the roles played by these two characters. Mina is a vampire and Tom is a spy.

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